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DE Catalyst Carrier

The ideal, inert, porous support—catalyst carrier

Shengzhou Huali Diatomite Products Co., LtdThe unique physical properties of Huali CD diatomite fillers make them an ideal support for catalysts in many industrial processes. Available in powder, and pelletized forms, they are widely used wherever an inert, porous silica support is indicated—for the nickel catalyst used in hydrogenation processes, the vanadium catalyst used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, the phosphoric acid catalyst of the petroleum industry. They are also available as custom-designed supports, in a variety of applications, including the biotechnology industry where Huali CD catalyst carriers are used for enzyme and microbe immobilization.

With their high porosity and irregularly shaped particle structure,, Huali CD Diatomite Catalyst Carrier in powder form provide unusually low loose and packed weight densities. This property reduces structural stress and contributes to the economy of reactor equipment design. More weight of active catalyst per unit of catalyst support volume can be packed into a reactor, with more efficient dispersion of the catalyst material. Our diatomite with its relatively large available surface area as compared with that of other inert carriers provide a most efficient means of preparing supported catalyst with high surface area and small pore structure.

Other characteristics of Huali CD diatomite catalyst carrier include high strength and stability at elevated temperatures. The minute diatomite particles do not break down under heat or steam, or under the most severe operating conditions. The pelletized forms have high compressive strength and are strongly resistant to attrition, even under heavy loading.